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- Thursday, November 11, 2021

Booking an appointment.


This blue is obviously and extreme colour change and definitely requires planning ahead. Along with a staged process towards. This appointment was booked over a month ago.

The next is already booked. Bianca has options and we can work towards expectations. Win win. 🙌🏼


It is our responsibility that we have enough time and expertise to ensure we can meet your expectations.

But if your expectation is unrealistic please do not be offended if we cannot take your booking the way you want us too 👱🏻‍♀️


Recently we have noticed a jump in requests for “today” for results that we just have no idea if possible without seeing the hair prior.

We are being asked to take instant bookings for appointments that could take 1 hour, 5 hours or may not even be possible due to starting point and desired result 🤦🏼‍♀️

Just because you had a colour 10 years ago you liked, just putting that same colour on is not necessarily going to give you the same results. If you were having foils every 6 weeks 5 years ago and loved your colour, just putting foils back in now after being a brunette for a few years. Is NOT going to achieve what you think. Its going to achieve orange 🍊 Its going to require a colour correction to remove the dark colour before you can even start the process back to blonde. Its going to require us to physically sight the hair in person in order to work out a plan to achieve. If its possible.


This is actually very common this time of year. Weathers warming. Social calendar is heating up too. So lets change my hair back to when i loved it. More often than not the lead up to loving it was regular planned care. Not “can i get in today or tomorrow” with added pleading of “its easy” “my hair lifts quickly” “it won’t take long” etc We have heard and seen it all before. 😐


For these reasons we have a procedure for taking on clients and new bookings. We won’t cut corners because it does not fit your schedule or process. If you have left it too late, you have left it too late. If you don’t wish to listen to professional advice, that's ok too. The choice is yours. As is ours on only taking bookings that we have the time to do correctly and expectations can be met.

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