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This is one growing reason why

Jason Outten - Monday, September 28, 2020
This is one growing reason why you’re not getting your hair the way you want when you’re looking for change.

Booking a technique. That's right booking a technique. The amount of times people call up and book say “a full head of highlights”

Do you currently have highlights?

No. But i saw this look i like and she had highlights.

Everyone's hair is different. Texture, condition, thickness, etc. One person’s requirements to achieve their look may not be another.

Some other examples

You like the depth in between light blonde pieces. But you’re fair and only want foils.
But we need to put colour in between.

This picture is a combination of highlights with colour in between foils at roots all applied in one application. It could not be achieved
in say "just a half head of foils"

You’re hair is coloured and you want a lighter brighter colour but don’t want your hair colour stripped.
But we need to take the existing colour out as colour does not lift colour. You cannot just put whatever colour on your head and it turns out that colour.

Colours like the one below often take 5-7 hours to achieve

You love this amazing haircut you booked in for thats all sleek and shiny. Yet your hair is curly, frizzy and you don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes on it each morning.
But you need too. Not every person can have every haircut.

This cut takes time to achieve, it takes a highly experienced stylist. It also requires regular maintenance

.... and the most common one. You want a particular colour yet book a cheaper technique that will not achieve the colour you want.

Both of the same person. Guess who paid more ;)

If you want results. You book for exactly that.

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