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So we were wondering how you plan your hair

Jason Outten - Tuesday, August 25, 2020
So we were wondering how you plan your hair ?

Most clients keep a regular appointment booked, like every 5, 6 or 7 weeks etc. depending on their needs.
Another group always book their next at their last. Then there is the “when i feel its ready” ones.
Finally leaving the “better see a hairdresser i can’t get a brush through it anymore” types.

The first few. There hair always looks good. The next looks good until its time, and maybe a bit longer.
As they’ll call the same week they want their hair done. But remember the first two types ?
They have already booked out the appointments this week 5-6 weeks ago.

So they may have to wait a week or two to get a spot.
As for the last group. They may have to wait that and a few more weeks as when its left too long we’re generally doing
a new restyle or colour correction. They generally also have to accept a colour and/or cut different to what they would
like to have. Because what they like requires a 5 weekly appointment to maintain and they never book ahead.

You only have to imagine a hairdresser works a 38 hour week. Just like most other people. They get holidays too,
amazing So when a salon is open for 8 hours and a colour and cut on average can be 2-3 with some being 5+ hours, each.
You might start to realise why there is no appointment available on the day you called up wanting same day.

Over the last two weeks we have literally had people call every day expecting to get their hair done the same day
Now if we had time of course we would..... but we won’t put pressure on other clients appointments by squeezing in people.
Especially after existing bookings have planned and booked their appointment.
We also won’t push a stylist into missing their lunch either In other words we won’t double book or squeeze bookings in.
There is either enough time or not.

Just something to think about as its not that long until Christmas. Yes stylists will be on holidays before then.
Yes a lot of spots already booked and we are closed after 3rd October for 10 days for a mini renovation.

We’re Open Tuesday to Saturday, late night Wednesday. If you call out of hours you’ll be closer to the front of the line.
If you have a booking and prefer sooner you’ll have a priority on wait list over others choosing not to book an appointment.
We’ll do our best but there are only so many hours available in a day

Want great hair ?

Jason Outten - Monday, August 10, 2020
Want great hair ?
We’re not going to tell you which product, which colour. But how to

An increasing amount of situations like the ones below are occurring...

> Booking a technique
> Wanting the “best” stylist the same day of calling for appointment
> Expecting hair to be fixed in one standard appointment after another salon messed up
> Thinking hair is going to be exactly the same as last colour in one appointment after letting it grow out for 6 months. Especially blondes


> Potentially ends with not what you want. Techniques are applied depending on the starting point. Which everyone is at a different one.
Just booking “foils” because you want to be blonde. Is the classic no 1 mistake.
TIP: Let your stylist know your desired result and they’ll approach appropriately.

> The “best” stylists are usually the most experienced with the biggest following. Calling expecting an appointment that day
or next is a bit unrealistic. Can you get into the most popular restaurant without pre booking ahead ? What about getting in with the best specialist ?

> This is a bit like a “how long is a piece of string” question. If you just want to cover it up with a dark colour no problem.
But usually its the tone and the start point, which is a long way off getting to the end point. Usually a journey or a very long colour correction.

> BIG regrowths are not too bad with dark colours, but lighter or blonde tones? You could be starting your journey all over
again or a bigger job than the original one. There’s issues with bands, regrowth lines, tone, etc Being realistic is the key if you’ve it too long.

Generally the ones calling last minute with hair problems tend to comment they never get a good haircut or don’t like their colour.
But they always want the best hairdresser
They end up calling around salons asking the same thing and end up taking whoever can get them in last minute.
If you want great hair you need to let it grow with your hairdresser. The better they know you and your hair, the better your hair will be.

Just some honest feedback as to why you may not be able to get that appointment or result so quickly

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