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Want to grow your hair

Jason Outten - Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Want to grow your hair ? Not cutting it until it gets to the right length ?

Unless you have the worlds most super healthiest hair ever with not a single split......
not cutting is the long way to grow your hair

You need to cut it regularly so it can be long.
Dead hair doesn’t grow, that’s the desperate attempt of girls clinging onto 10cm’s of split ends because they don’t want short hair ...

Although split ends do grow, all the way up your hair shaft if you don’t get your hair cut often enough.
If you imagine hair grows an average of a 1cm a month (no don’t imagine, it does) Now if you have a
4mm split but at your regular haircut visit it is removed.You’ll gain half a c in growth. Healthy growth. If you don’t the split gets higher

Then what we see is the clients who have not had their hair cut all year saying “because i’m growing it”
Then needing 6” cut off because the ends are such a split mess What a waste of a years growth

#LongHair #Haircut #PerthHairdresser

Its happening again. Perth hairdressers

Jason Outten - Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Its happening again. Perth hairdressers

People booking disappointment appointments ....... basically booking a technique not a result. Inspired by the latest YouTube vid
or that stand out tutorial they just googled

This hair did not happen by guessing ;)

I want to be blonde. I’ll book foils

I don’t want maintenance. I’ll book a scalp bleach .... yep its been said.

Short hair love...and we picked the technique

More people are calling to book an appointment but booking the technique.
Especially booking foils. 30% on further questioning will not achieve what they want with what they have requested to book.
But get frustrated when we try and advise correctly

The main one being foils. People see regrowth and just want what they can see fixed.

You will not achieve this by booking just a half head foils

The part and hairline. But thats a technique for an in between your main appointment. Not your main.
This is when you start getting banding, unwanted tones and all of a sudden “why’s my hair so dark at
the back” & “why did this appointment cost more” ?
..... maybe the 6” regrowth at the back

The other category is wanting a change or something different without a consultation.
Like colouring your hair dark brown for years and now wanting a light blonde ash balayage look.
First question is for an appointment, next is “how much” ...... If anyone can answer that feel free as we have no idea from a phone call.
Thats why we are happy not to take a booking when expectations are not reality

This was not happening without enough time and a plan

Not sure what you need ? Think you know what you need ? Give us a call, we’re happy to help and guide wherever possible.
But please remember some questions we just cannot answer without all the information we need first.

7 hours. That's correct, this took 7 hours. Not achievable in a standard booking

#PerthHairdresser #NorthPerth #PerthSalon

Have more hair than you need ? Donate it

Jason Outten - Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Have more hair than you need ? Donate it

It can always grow back. Something most take for granted. Others are not so fortunate, but we can all help

Did you know we only need 20cm of hair to be able to donate for someone less fortunate. It is collected, sorted and then distributed to wig makers via Sustainable Salons Australia. It doesn’t even need to be natural, colours ok

Any hair that does not meet the 20cm length is used to fill hair booms. Whats a hair boom ? They are distributed into oil slicks as
hair is one of the best known fibres to soak up oil spills, and you can even drain the oil back out and still use

So we thank you all as each and every salon visit a green fee of $2 makes up part of your bill.
This goes to Sustainable Salons Australia to allow them to do what they do. As it doesn’t stop there.

They collect all our paper, plastic, chemicals and metals. Next time you get your hair foiled isn’t it nice to know that the funds raised from your hair foil recycling goes towards meals via OzHarvest

Next time you see your local council spraying down the dust with water as they build a new road. That water was our waste colour, recycled
The plastic furniture you’re sitting on or those sunglasses you’re wearing could of been our old shampoo bottles

....and the list goes on

So each and every time you’re getting your hair done by us. You’re doing a lot more than just looking amazing, you can feel it too..... and thank you

#Sustainable #Recycle #NoPlanetB

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