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Short hair is not short hair

Jason Outten - Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Short hair is not short hair

Do you want a barber style haircut or a haircut? Whats the difference?
Well if there was no difference why is there short haircut workshops and barber haircut workshops.
Why are they two different modules at college ?

Haircut only today, softly layered and feathered into neck line. No harsh angles or lines

Because they are obviously different. Unfortunately in this world of people looking to get offended the
obvious tends to get blurred and no one wants to state the obvious. So here is the obvious.

A ladies haircut is cut different to a mans haircut. They are two different looks and are taught two different ways.
Because they cannot be cut the same unless you want the same looking haircut

Again another softly blended haircut plus some eye popping colour

A short feminine haircut. Softer lines, feathered neckline. An all over softer look. Looks easy enough ?
Unfortunately some hairdressers apply “just a short haircut” to “every” short haircut. Too block like.
Harsh lines with square edges and finishes

On top of the haircut we have some clean blonde foils to make it pop. This cut a little longer in length, but still short

You need to be able visualise and feel the hair while starting to mould into the finished look. Not just cut the length off 

A stunning short bob haircut featuring a half head of foils....and no toner required. Ever

Real clients, real appointments for real people. We do hair
Every picture you see in this post is of our clients, regular people. We don't have a book of "house models" who's hair we do
just for SM pics.

Look how beautiful this haircut sits. Lets not forget the colour which is a combination of foils and base colour.
Something only a professional can achieve. Way more eye catching and healthier than a flat straight through box brown.

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