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Color WOW Dream Coat

Jason Outten - Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Color WOW Dream Coat

Think we kind of nailed the finish here.... or maybe the whole colour and cut too

Yes we used Kaaral colour all the way from Italy with that coconut infused moisture.. and Olaplex
Then we used ExhairCare No Knots to detangle and treat followed by straightening cream + Diamond Drops™️

.....Finally we added the new Color WOW Dream coat....and OMG ... But this stuff walks off the shelf ....But it’s back in stock this week
We suggest you pre order. Just in case We feel its that popular it will be a while before supplier can keep up with demand

....and sorry to disappoint some but there is no filters used. Ever. We can literally see why they called it WOW

Please note the spelling of the word "colour" is shown as "color" as that is the actual name and an American product

Blondes everyone does them

Jason Outten - Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Everyone does them. Every salons a specialist at them ......
in a world of specialist blonde salons it’s getting a bit confusing on where to go

The basics will never change.
The techniques and approaches are the difference in order to accommodate the current trends and looks.

Unfortunately some hairdressers range of technique is based on what is present at the time they started
hairdressing and anything else is discarded. That becomes limiting and why some hairdressers work
looks all the same or is all around one style... the style they are a “specialist” in

The problem is our clients are not all the same and the wider the stylists tool box of knowledge and skill is.
The more versatile and adaptable we can be to accommodate our clients requirements

Here we have a healthy, clean bright blonde colour. Foils with base colour at roots. Never taken colour through,
never had or required a toner, ever.
Most would say they would need to tone ?
We say if the foils are technically applied correctly using the right product, it is not needed

....and it’s not. So the blonde is cleaner, lasts between visits without altering and stays healthier

But that's experience, that's technique, that's not discarding but absorbing and learning. Everything

These results are time, precision and experience. These results are skill that is forever learning.

Booking foils

Jason Outten - Monday, February 10, 2020
Booking foils...
STOP....Don’t do it.

Don’t call up and book “foils” if this is what your hair is like.

A number of things may happen
1. You’ll only get one stage of your hair service done and have to come back for another appointment
2. Or due to appointment request not being what is actually required you will be left paying for a booking we cannot do
3. Or (not in our salon) you’ll get some half rushed technique approach to try and achieve a result. Without the stylist actually having the time to achieve it.

Our price list is on public display on line. But it should be taken as a guide. Not a “thats what i need approach” Quiet often it is a a combination of services
needed to achieve desired result.

Explain your current hair state and then your desired hair state. That is what we will ask if we have never seen you before. This way we know how and what to book out.
Sometimes it may require a consultation in salon prior to being able to book. It definitely will if a colour correction or new Balayage etc.

Here the colour process was in two stages plus the haircut. A straight half head foils (most common request) would NOT achieve this.

Remember we don’t double book. We either have the time or we don’t

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