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Balayage Blonde

Jason Outten - Monday, November 25, 2019
Balayage . B . A . L . A . Y . A . G . E .... that word creating visions of long wavy shimmering blonde flowing from deep dark faded roots.

Sounds great

Picture was a progressive target over time. It all depends on the starting canvas as to what can be achieved at 1st appointment

BUT ..... back to the real world

What’s possible in one appointment for YOU ?


Virgin hair ? Thats the easy one hand painted, meshed or foiled sections blended up the section.
Maybe a toner maybe not. Depending on the look and on how dark your hair is

Virgin hair but dark ? There maybe a few stages PLUS the above description.

You have coloured hair and want that creamy blonde on ends. Hang on, slow down. Now you have to remove that dark colour first.
Now were talking the 1st description above, then the second and probably more.

Depending on where you’re at in descriptions above will depend if you only need a few hours, half a day, whole day....
or it’s something you will need to work towards during the year.

What about the bits you don’t want to hear. Your hair may not able to get to or handle the process

Now imagine you achieve that beautiful dark root faded creamy blonde balayage through the ends. Yes you did it.
Down the track maintenance time.
The normal request “just lift the blonde up a bit thanks” ..... “just” hmm that depends.
Are you happy to have a slightly deeper tone between your roots and ends tone ? Or do you literally want that clean blonde blended higher?
Because if you do we have to lift out that darker root fade thats grown down.

So not just a standard time frame. Sorry

Unfortunately a lot of places will just confuse the public with posts like “Balayage $169” ?
$169 for what. You sure won’t get that if you have dark brown colour through your hair. But hey you’ll find that out after you’ve booked.

Our approach Consultation. We can then give YOU the correct advice, price and expectations.

We have been around for 19 years we’d like to be here when you’re due for your next appointment. We can only do that if we do our job properly

Check this out

Jason Outten - Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Check this out LOVE IT !!!

Warmer weather and everyone wants “lighter” “blonde” etc.....
If you’re not blonde and especially if you have been having straight through colour and darker.
Its NOT going to happen in one appointment.

Unless you’re available all day.... or longer
Just booking “foils” and think you’re going to go blonde ... probably not

On booking we will aim to clarify what result you are after as opposed to what you want to book.
As thanks to Social Media a lot of people think they know what technique they need to book for a particular result.
You tell us the result and we will tell you the required technique. .... Yes we are doing YOUR hair.
But we are the professionals and will have to advise on approach and technique required. .... and Olaplex helps

Time slots required for this type of work require a little more than average time frame.
Just something to remember .... depending on your start point. Some may require pre consult too

We don’t claim to specialise in blondes.... we’re just good at it

AMAZING Smoothing

Jason Outten - Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Another AMAZING Smoothing result

Why do we have so many clients seeing us for keratin smoothing ?

Most make the mistake that keratin smoothing is the same everywhere. Oh dear

Lets get one thing straight (excuse the pun) ... They’re are NOT .... No where near.

The most common scenarios we encounter are as follows.
1. “It does not work on my hair”
2. “It only lasts a month or two”
3. “It works fine on my hair”

In response
1. It does. You just had it done incorrectly and/or poor quality product
2. It will last longer. You just had it done incorrectly and/or poor quality product
3. Compared to having nothing before. Or compared to a poor application. We have clients that have said this but got curious because their friends come to us or reading reviews etc. Then we do it and the response is AMAZING “never thought it could be this good” (check our reviews)

...But...There is good news. If you have had somewhere and its not great, we can fix that

Our priority and focus is results + longevity. Everything else is a response to that.

- We book out a dedicated qualified stylist for YOUR entire service (approx 3 hours)
- Heat seal and stretch is important and it takes a LOT longer to do than a regular blow dry and iron.
- Adequate product is required and we don’t skimp on it.
- Application technique is critical to longevity and results.

We achieve up to 80% reduction in volume, frizz + curl lasting up to 5 months. Sometimes even better

We do receive a lot of quote requests every day. Which is no problem. You can either pop into salon or email two pictures. One from side + one from rear showing hair in full length. Email on our contact page HERE

But due to high quote request if you are only shopping for the cheapest price, we’re probably not for you.
We cannot deliver our standard and results based on a cheap price. Quotes will be $400+

#Keratin #HairSmoothing #SmoothHair


Jason Outten - Monday, November 04, 2019
So about the no toner used blonde post.... the “blonde montage” .... scroll back for a peek

Lets put that in perspective

Those blonde clients get their hair done regularly, some 5 weekly.
They don’t put “quick colour” on at home.
They only get their hair coloured by us

So we’re not having to correct massive regrowths.
We’re not having to cover up or fix incompatible or incorrect colour tones.
There is no starting from scratch due to someone else’s colour application

So there goes a lot of reasons why we’re not using or needing a toner

But blondes are still maintenance. Both via regular appointments and care at home. What you use on a blonde will show quicker than most tones.
They use recommended products at home. Yes what you shampoo and style your hair with WILL effect your tone when its this blonde

Client in pic is a full head foils. No toner. But averages 8 weekly visits. Alternates between 1/2 head, 3/4 head and full head foils .... and Olaplex of course ... & that Baco
+ Sense Lightener

So yes if you wanted this and was no where near this lightness, had not been to a hairdresser for months, old colour build up. Yes a lot more work and toners.

Want lighter

Jason Outten - Monday, November 04, 2019
Want lighter ?
Already have darker colour on ?

You can’t just put a lighter colour on. You have to remove the original darker colour first
Even if you only want one shade lighter

A lot of enquires for this type of colour change believe we can just put a lighter brown over and hey presto .... sorry there’s a little more work than that.

Here we have.
Before After colour removal Final colour + finish

This service requires a pre consultation prior to booking as without we cannot determine what is required, how long and we’re sure you’ll want to know what to expect and cost..... everyone's hair is different. Too many times we receive the call to “fix my colour” but person does not or has not got the time to come in for a consult prior.
That's half the reason they’re usually in their current situation. No time and last minute ... Unfortunately if you do not have the time to allow us to do correctly we’re just not
the salon for you.

Here we know the hair and it is just one of our clients journeys for their hair.

So what happened ? We we had been colouring regular for a while and dark, as in left picture. Desired result was just not as dark so a shade or two lighter.
We applied one lightener process with Olaplex (we only strip colour with Olaplex in) this took result to what you see in middle picture. From there it was light enough
to colour over the top with desired result showing on right.

A large amount of the general public think you can just put the lighter colour on and you will achieve the lighter result. As a general rule, no. Colour does not lift colour ;)
You have to remove the initial colour ( or some of depending on desired result) first. This process, about 3.4-4 hours. It takes time, especially if you want all your hair left afterwards :)

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