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anti toner

Jason Outten - Monday, October 28, 2019
Lets just start with we’re not anti toners...

We’re just realistic about them, and unlike some colourists we use toners as they were intended.
Which is NOT just because you’re blond.

It requires a bit more thinking before you start. It requires great technique, especially when you cannot rely on a toner to cover everything
But this approach can mean a lot for our clients. Like the ones in this picture.

Every single picture is of a different clients hair. Every single blonde shown has not and does not have or use a toner to achieve or maintain
Colour looks and lasts longer between visits. Hair integrity is maintained. As like it or not a toner IS a colour.

We could of put together a montage of our clients where a toner has been used.
But we want to show you what IS possible and toners are not the norm. Unless your colourist does not know how to do without

#Blonde #HighLights #HairdresserPerth

... we’re not saying we’re “blonde experts”... we’re just good at it.

What are YOU paying for

Jason Outten - Monday, October 14, 2019
What are YOU paying for ?

You can teach a plumber to weld a pipe
You can teach an electrician to splice a wire

But you cannot teach a hairdresser to be an artist.....
and to sculpt your hair into the desired, shape, colour and look it needs to be.

Every single persons hair is different. You can teach technique.
You can share knowledge. But it all has to come together for each and every client at that one appointment spot each month.

A hairdresser needs to feel their work, visualise the outcome and utilise their knowledge to allow your creation to happen.
Hairdressers are artists and our medium is hair.

You’re not paying for the hour.
You’re paying for the experience and what is created within that hour.

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