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Want to grow your hair

Jason Outten - Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Want to grow your hair ? Not cutting it until it gets to the right length ?

Unless you have the worlds most super healthiest hair ever with not a single split......
not cutting is the long way to grow your hair

You need to cut it regularly so it can be long.
Dead hair doesn’t grow, that’s the desperate attempt of girls clinging onto 10cm’s of split ends because they don’t want short hair ...

Although split ends do grow, all the way up your hair shaft if you don’t get your hair cut often enough.
If you imagine hair grows an average of a 1cm a month (no don’t imagine, it does) Now if you have a
4mm split but at your regular haircut visit it is removed.You’ll gain half a c in growth. Healthy growth. If you don’t the split gets higher

Then what we see is the clients who have not had their hair cut all year saying “because i’m growing it”
Then needing 6” cut off because the ends are such a split mess What a waste of a years growth

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