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Jason Outten - Monday, September 02, 2019
The RED HAIR Journey

The above from top left was a little under 18 month journey

A little while ago we wrote a post about last minute calls for amazing hair that takes time.
About how people call same day for what requires a 4-5 hr or longer time frame.

The initial start (not caused by us) Another salons attempt
at taking platinum blonde

Calling for amazing hair that took planning and that much time,
but then wanting to be rushed or squeezed in. We don’t rush and
we do not squeeze. We either have the correct time or we don’t.

Initially to Brunette then finally to BLACK once got used to darker

We are aware there is a growing trend for some salons to just take every possible
booking and then try and work it out later. Generally they are heavily geared with
apprentices doing the work and senior stylists stretched between 3-4 clients at the same time.

We’re a little more professional than that and respect our clients time and investment.
So we invest back.

Then the first RED experience

Here we have a journey one of our clients went through, and is still on.
We’re waiting for the next episode.

But it did not initially start with us. The first blonde picture was another salon taking Bianca blonde.
Platinum blonde  .... or so they thought. They just lightened and lightened until the hair snapped off.

Every angle looks amazing.

So in we stepped. Very limited in what we could do but we had to start somewhere.
But check out where we are now in less than 18 months.

Initially we went brown. If you have a lot of damage darker is a good place to start.
... We focused on conditioning and have used La Biosthetique PCC at every stage
(5 x Stronger than any other Plex)

Later we decided blacks better and kept it there until the condition and length had
come back a bit. Then red .... deep to start as going too light requires more
work and we needed to keep an eye on integrity. Now after last appointment.
We could push brighter.

This weeks finale

This is what happens when you plan and trust your stylist and their advice.
Its not a last minute squeeze in appointment. You won’t wake up one morning,
pick the phone up and get these results.

We achieved the BRIGHTER RED

You can’t see this and think “i’ll get that today” Trust the process and maybe not
same day but soon ....ENJOY :)
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