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How long will it take to get my hair blonde

Jason Outten - Monday, November 09, 2020
How long will it take to get my hair blonde ? No idea
How much ? No idea.

If anyone gives you a time frame, walk away. The question should of never been asked because it’s impossible to answer.

Your hair is NOT the same as anyone else’s. Your hair does NOT lift quickly. We hear that one all the time “my hair lifts very quickly, easy to lighten”
If that's the case why come to us?

Next thing. A strand test. Yes we get asked to do a strand test to see how long it will take. That won’t work and is a waste of time.
Look at this hair. Depending where you take the strands from depends on how the test comes out. It will also not tell you how long it will take to get you blonde.

Everyone is different. As we can see here after one lightening session we reveal what is underneath the top visible layer

1. Roots. They’ll lift easier as usually the fresh virgin regrowth.
2. A dark band from a darker colour that has grown out from the roots
3. A lighter zone that had been lightened previously for a purple fashion colour thats just been removed (almost)
4. Darker strip as previous purple section was not a solid panel. So previous darker colour
5. Green reflect on the blonde. Remnants of something else on the hair. What ? We don’t know.

So the magic question? How long to get blonde ? We don’t know. We’ll do another session (booked) and see what else comes out.
We’ll zone apply it more next time as we have a clearer picture of what areas need focus on.

We’ll aim to achieve as soon as possible while maintaining the hairs integrity. That’s where Olaplex and PCC come into play.
But hair is a fibre, it can only be pushed so far.

In the past we have achieved in a couple of sessions, we have done in one (a whole day) We have done over several sessions and we have done over months.
What we can tell you is how much per session. But not whether a result will be achieved in that session. You’ll be paying for the time and work at each visit.
The result will come at the end of one of those sessions. Which one ? Refer to answer at beginning of this post ;)

Next time you see your instagram hero change their colour to blonde over night. Remember it was only their post that changed quickly. Not their hair.

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