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Jason Outten - Monday, September 09, 2019

Balayage.... Wanting to go lighter?
We're kinda happy with this one :)... and No there is no extensiosn used. Before + After ALL own hair

But lets talk Balayage > Lets get real

How long does it take ?
How longs the hair ?
How thicks the hair ?
Whats the last 5 year colour history ?
Have you had that “technique” done recently?
If you have are you needing the lighter tones lifted ? Because that requires breaking through the darker colour coming down.
Is your root colour natural or previously darker colour into light ?
Do you have colour on now ?
How many times have you had colour ?
What type of colour ?
What type of end result do you want as balayage is a technique ?

etc etc etc .....

How much does it cost ?
Refer to above questions...

Last week we did one that took 4 hours to do.
Today we did one that was 5 hours
This week we have another one that first session was 5 hours. Next session 5-6 hours and then we will assess where we are at then.
Some 2 hours.

It is not a one size fits all. It could only take an hour or two ? Actually when you see salons posting “Balayage $149”. Thats a little hand painted lightener brushed through to the ends. On virgin hair. A “balayage” technique most would not achieve THEIR results with.
Try getting that with dark brown hair and wanting a creamy baby light blonde flowing from your part.

Most Balayage results these days require corrective colour work during or prior the service. Either because of dark hair or worse dark colour. Most balayage applications are a progressive approach towards a goal that could take time.

If you would like a Balayage appointment with us we’d love to see you.....BUT only once we have had a physical pre consultation prior. Once that is done we are more than happy to look at booking a suitable time frame.  YOU will know what to expect both in results and cost, and we will have the right amount of time and technician to deliver that for YOU
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