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Jason Outten - Monday, September 23, 2019
Apples with Apples

How would you respond if we were to say a BMW is the same as a Hyundai ? There both cars ? Whats the difference ?

Everyone knows there is a lot of difference because the majority of people are educated with that knowledge.

But if we were to say a 1/2 head of foils is the same as a 1/2 head foils the majority of people are not educated with
that knowledge and would assume “yes”.... but its actually NO...

Recently at an interview for a new senior stylist an applicant made comment re not liking their current situation as only
has 30 minutes to put a 1/2 head of foils in. That's because that is that salons idea of a 1/2 head foils. NOT every salons idea.

Most people when ringing around salons for a service are not comparing apples with apples. They are just comparing prices.
Which is generally apples with oranges.

Technique, product, experience and service are NOT the same in every salon.

As a salon you either set a price and build your services around that OR set a service and standard and build your price around that.

Our clients come to us for results.

The picture below is just a simple comparison of a single foil placement. The results will be completely different. But both “foils”.

Just the one on the left will give a lot better result. 🤗

Pic credit @josievilay (Instagram)

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