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How long will it take to get my hair blonde

Jason Outten - Monday, November 09, 2020
How long will it take to get my hair blonde ? No idea
How much ? No idea.

If anyone gives you a time frame, walk away. The question should of never been asked because it’s impossible to answer.

Your hair is NOT the same as anyone else’s. Your hair does NOT lift quickly. We hear that one all the time “my hair lifts very quickly, easy to lighten”
If that's the case why come to us?

Next thing. A strand test. Yes we get asked to do a strand test to see how long it will take. That won’t work and is a waste of time.
Look at this hair. Depending where you take the strands from depends on how the test comes out. It will also not tell you how long it will take to get you blonde.

Everyone is different. As we can see here after one lightening session we reveal what is underneath the top visible layer

1. Roots. They’ll lift easier as usually the fresh virgin regrowth.
2. A dark band from a darker colour that has grown out from the roots
3. A lighter zone that had been lightened previously for a purple fashion colour thats just been removed (almost)
4. Darker strip as previous purple section was not a solid panel. So previous darker colour
5. Green reflect on the blonde. Remnants of something else on the hair. What ? We don’t know.

So the magic question? How long to get blonde ? We don’t know. We’ll do another session (booked) and see what else comes out.
We’ll zone apply it more next time as we have a clearer picture of what areas need focus on.

We’ll aim to achieve as soon as possible while maintaining the hairs integrity. That’s where Olaplex and PCC come into play.
But hair is a fibre, it can only be pushed so far.

In the past we have achieved in a couple of sessions, we have done in one (a whole day) We have done over several sessions and we have done over months.
What we can tell you is how much per session. But not whether a result will be achieved in that session. You’ll be paying for the time and work at each visit.
The result will come at the end of one of those sessions. Which one ? Refer to answer at beginning of this post ;)

Next time you see your instagram hero change their colour to blonde over night. Remember it was only their post that changed quickly. Not their hair.

This is one growing reason why

Jason Outten - Monday, September 28, 2020
This is one growing reason why you’re not getting your hair the way you want when you’re looking for change.

Booking a technique. That's right booking a technique. The amount of times people call up and book say “a full head of highlights”

Do you currently have highlights?

No. But i saw this look i like and she had highlights.

Everyone's hair is different. Texture, condition, thickness, etc. One person’s requirements to achieve their look may not be another.

Some other examples

You like the depth in between light blonde pieces. But you’re fair and only want foils.
But we need to put colour in between.

This picture is a combination of highlights with colour in between foils at roots all applied in one application. It could not be achieved
in say "just a half head of foils"

You’re hair is coloured and you want a lighter brighter colour but don’t want your hair colour stripped.
But we need to take the existing colour out as colour does not lift colour. You cannot just put whatever colour on your head and it turns out that colour.

Colours like the one below often take 5-7 hours to achieve

You love this amazing haircut you booked in for thats all sleek and shiny. Yet your hair is curly, frizzy and you don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes on it each morning.
But you need too. Not every person can have every haircut.

This cut takes time to achieve, it takes a highly experienced stylist. It also requires regular maintenance

.... and the most common one. You want a particular colour yet book a cheaper technique that will not achieve the colour you want.

Both of the same person. Guess who paid more ;)

If you want results. You book for exactly that.

So we were wondering how you plan your hair

Jason Outten - Tuesday, August 25, 2020
So we were wondering how you plan your hair ?

Most clients keep a regular appointment booked, like every 5, 6 or 7 weeks etc. depending on their needs.
Another group always book their next at their last. Then there is the “when i feel its ready” ones.
Finally leaving the “better see a hairdresser i can’t get a brush through it anymore” types.

The first few. There hair always looks good. The next looks good until its time, and maybe a bit longer.
As they’ll call the same week they want their hair done. But remember the first two types ?
They have already booked out the appointments this week 5-6 weeks ago.

So they may have to wait a week or two to get a spot.
As for the last group. They may have to wait that and a few more weeks as when its left too long we’re generally doing
a new restyle or colour correction. They generally also have to accept a colour and/or cut different to what they would
like to have. Because what they like requires a 5 weekly appointment to maintain and they never book ahead.

You only have to imagine a hairdresser works a 38 hour week. Just like most other people. They get holidays too,
amazing So when a salon is open for 8 hours and a colour and cut on average can be 2-3 with some being 5+ hours, each.
You might start to realise why there is no appointment available on the day you called up wanting same day.

Over the last two weeks we have literally had people call every day expecting to get their hair done the same day
Now if we had time of course we would..... but we won’t put pressure on other clients appointments by squeezing in people.
Especially after existing bookings have planned and booked their appointment.
We also won’t push a stylist into missing their lunch either In other words we won’t double book or squeeze bookings in.
There is either enough time or not.

Just something to think about as its not that long until Christmas. Yes stylists will be on holidays before then.
Yes a lot of spots already booked and we are closed after 3rd October for 10 days for a mini renovation.

We’re Open Tuesday to Saturday, late night Wednesday. If you call out of hours you’ll be closer to the front of the line.
If you have a booking and prefer sooner you’ll have a priority on wait list over others choosing not to book an appointment.
We’ll do our best but there are only so many hours available in a day

Want great hair ?

Jason Outten - Monday, August 10, 2020
Want great hair ?
We’re not going to tell you which product, which colour. But how to

An increasing amount of situations like the ones below are occurring...

> Booking a technique
> Wanting the “best” stylist the same day of calling for appointment
> Expecting hair to be fixed in one standard appointment after another salon messed up
> Thinking hair is going to be exactly the same as last colour in one appointment after letting it grow out for 6 months. Especially blondes


> Potentially ends with not what you want. Techniques are applied depending on the starting point. Which everyone is at a different one.
Just booking “foils” because you want to be blonde. Is the classic no 1 mistake.
TIP: Let your stylist know your desired result and they’ll approach appropriately.

> The “best” stylists are usually the most experienced with the biggest following. Calling expecting an appointment that day
or next is a bit unrealistic. Can you get into the most popular restaurant without pre booking ahead ? What about getting in with the best specialist ?

> This is a bit like a “how long is a piece of string” question. If you just want to cover it up with a dark colour no problem.
But usually its the tone and the start point, which is a long way off getting to the end point. Usually a journey or a very long colour correction.

> BIG regrowths are not too bad with dark colours, but lighter or blonde tones? You could be starting your journey all over
again or a bigger job than the original one. There’s issues with bands, regrowth lines, tone, etc Being realistic is the key if you’ve it too long.

Generally the ones calling last minute with hair problems tend to comment they never get a good haircut or don’t like their colour.
But they always want the best hairdresser
They end up calling around salons asking the same thing and end up taking whoever can get them in last minute.
If you want great hair you need to let it grow with your hairdresser. The better they know you and your hair, the better your hair will be.

Just some honest feedback as to why you may not be able to get that appointment or result so quickly

#PerthHairdresser #HairdresserPerth #NorthPerth

Want to grow your hair

Jason Outten - Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Want to grow your hair ? Not cutting it until it gets to the right length ?

Unless you have the worlds most super healthiest hair ever with not a single split......
not cutting is the long way to grow your hair

You need to cut it regularly so it can be long.
Dead hair doesn’t grow, that’s the desperate attempt of girls clinging onto 10cm’s of split ends because they don’t want short hair ...

Although split ends do grow, all the way up your hair shaft if you don’t get your hair cut often enough.
If you imagine hair grows an average of a 1cm a month (no don’t imagine, it does) Now if you have a
4mm split but at your regular haircut visit it is removed.You’ll gain half a c in growth. Healthy growth. If you don’t the split gets higher

Then what we see is the clients who have not had their hair cut all year saying “because i’m growing it”
Then needing 6” cut off because the ends are such a split mess What a waste of a years growth

#LongHair #Haircut #PerthHairdresser

Its happening again. Perth hairdressers

Jason Outten - Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Its happening again. Perth hairdressers

People booking disappointment appointments ....... basically booking a technique not a result. Inspired by the latest YouTube vid
or that stand out tutorial they just googled

This hair did not happen by guessing ;)

I want to be blonde. I’ll book foils

I don’t want maintenance. I’ll book a scalp bleach .... yep its been said.

Short hair love...and we picked the technique

More people are calling to book an appointment but booking the technique.
Especially booking foils. 30% on further questioning will not achieve what they want with what they have requested to book.
But get frustrated when we try and advise correctly

The main one being foils. People see regrowth and just want what they can see fixed.

You will not achieve this by booking just a half head foils

The part and hairline. But thats a technique for an in between your main appointment. Not your main.
This is when you start getting banding, unwanted tones and all of a sudden “why’s my hair so dark at
the back” & “why did this appointment cost more” ?
..... maybe the 6” regrowth at the back

The other category is wanting a change or something different without a consultation.
Like colouring your hair dark brown for years and now wanting a light blonde ash balayage look.
First question is for an appointment, next is “how much” ...... If anyone can answer that feel free as we have no idea from a phone call.
Thats why we are happy not to take a booking when expectations are not reality

This was not happening without enough time and a plan

Not sure what you need ? Think you know what you need ? Give us a call, we’re happy to help and guide wherever possible.
But please remember some questions we just cannot answer without all the information we need first.

7 hours. That's correct, this took 7 hours. Not achievable in a standard booking

#PerthHairdresser #NorthPerth #PerthSalon

Have more hair than you need ? Donate it

Jason Outten - Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Have more hair than you need ? Donate it

It can always grow back. Something most take for granted. Others are not so fortunate, but we can all help

Did you know we only need 20cm of hair to be able to donate for someone less fortunate. It is collected, sorted and then distributed to wig makers via Sustainable Salons Australia. It doesn’t even need to be natural, colours ok

Any hair that does not meet the 20cm length is used to fill hair booms. Whats a hair boom ? They are distributed into oil slicks as
hair is one of the best known fibres to soak up oil spills, and you can even drain the oil back out and still use

So we thank you all as each and every salon visit a green fee of $2 makes up part of your bill.
This goes to Sustainable Salons Australia to allow them to do what they do. As it doesn’t stop there.

They collect all our paper, plastic, chemicals and metals. Next time you get your hair foiled isn’t it nice to know that the funds raised from your hair foil recycling goes towards meals via OzHarvest

Next time you see your local council spraying down the dust with water as they build a new road. That water was our waste colour, recycled
The plastic furniture you’re sitting on or those sunglasses you’re wearing could of been our old shampoo bottles

....and the list goes on

So each and every time you’re getting your hair done by us. You’re doing a lot more than just looking amazing, you can feel it too..... and thank you

#Sustainable #Recycle #NoPlanetB

Short hair is not short hair

Jason Outten - Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Short hair is not short hair

Do you want a barber style haircut or a haircut? Whats the difference?
Well if there was no difference why is there short haircut workshops and barber haircut workshops.
Why are they two different modules at college ?

Haircut only today, softly layered and feathered into neck line. No harsh angles or lines

Because they are obviously different. Unfortunately in this world of people looking to get offended the
obvious tends to get blurred and no one wants to state the obvious. So here is the obvious.

A ladies haircut is cut different to a mans haircut. They are two different looks and are taught two different ways.
Because they cannot be cut the same unless you want the same looking haircut

Again another softly blended haircut plus some eye popping colour

A short feminine haircut. Softer lines, feathered neckline. An all over softer look. Looks easy enough ?
Unfortunately some hairdressers apply “just a short haircut” to “every” short haircut. Too block like.
Harsh lines with square edges and finishes

On top of the haircut we have some clean blonde foils to make it pop. This cut a little longer in length, but still short

You need to be able visualise and feel the hair while starting to mould into the finished look. Not just cut the length off 

A stunning short bob haircut featuring a half head of foils....and no toner required. Ever

Real clients, real appointments for real people. We do hair
Every picture you see in this post is of our clients, regular people. We don't have a book of "house models" who's hair we do
just for SM pics.

Look how beautiful this haircut sits. Lets not forget the colour which is a combination of foils and base colour.
Something only a professional can achieve. Way more eye catching and healthier than a flat straight through box brown.

#ShortHair #HairCut #PerthHairdresser

What type of salon are we

Jason Outten - Monday, May 25, 2020
What type of salon are we ?

To some that maybe a strange question. To others its obvious

What do we mean ?
Well we love hair. We love seeing amazing results. But we also love being able to help you maintain those results and have
the time to achieve those results.

But we can only do so much. We can make the time, and we can achieve the results. If you make the time, plan and have
realistic goals

We’re not the best salon for the person that wakes up wanting a complete colour change that day. (Unless you want black)
We’re not the salon for that person that changes their mind last minute and leaves us with hours booked out and nothing to do

But if you’re the person that wants to be looked after. Have your Hair journey planned, your maintenance taken care of,
and know that no matter what you’re wearing its not looking great unless your hair is. Then you know we’re that salon

What brings most people to us is word of mouth and those amazing images all over Google + our Social Media.
They’re also our clients. Real people with real results. We don’t use influencers, and we don’t have a back up
of models to make our social media look pretty. That’s not us. Our social media is about what we achieve every day in our salon with real people. Real time frames, realistic expectations and booked appointments

So if you’ve been flip flopping around salons and now need us to fix your hair today. Or you just get too busy to sort out your
appointments and cancel or change on your hairdresser last minute all the time. Don’t call us, we’re not that type of salon

#PerthHairdresser #PerthSalon #NorthPerth

Keratin Smoothing. What do we mean

Jason Outten - Sunday, April 05, 2020
Keratin Smoothing. What do we mean by "up to 80% reduction in volume, frizz and curl" ? THIS!

See the before on left is the naturally dried before our smoothing service and the right is naturally dry after our smoothing service.

Not all keratin smoothing is the same. Its like any service. A haircut, A hair colour. Some places do them better than others.
We just do ours extremely well and have the reviews and feed back to support it.

If you think keratin does not work on your hair, or does not work. You just had the wrong person doing it.

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