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Permanent Hair Straightening, Keratin Hair Straightening - Smoothing, Hair Colouring and colour corrections, Cutting and Hair Extensions


Hair Outaquin offer tape extensions from various sources based on quality and reliability. They can be utilised for length, volume and in some cases blending out styles. A physical consultation is required along with a deposit to book. Price guide can be found on our price list page.

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Hair Extensions erth 
Multiple Blending
Hair Extensions Perth 

Long Hair Extensions Perth
Volume Hair Extensions Perth


Our most popular straightening / smoothing service. Non chemical and can be used on any hair type or condition

All our hairdressers only use Formaldahyde free products. Our Keratin is free of any Aldehydes unlike most competing Keratin products. We do require a deposit to book this type of service but can be organised via email. Please contact reception on booking this type of service.

Also referred to as Brazilian blowout or Brazilian Blowdry. Please refer to services page for more information.


Thermal rebonding, also known as TR or permanent hair straightening, is very popular with our clients. After researching many techniques for permanent hair straightening we have settled on HYDRO thermal rebonding, the latest technology, guaranteed to provide each client with healthy, long lasting naturally straight hair. Our permanent hair straightening techniques can also be used on coloured hair and actually are water activated

Permanent Hair Straightening From Curls
Permanent Hair Straightening From Frizz
"Mass" Permanent Hair Straightening

There are many inexperienced salons in this field, many using "shortcut" versions of the thermal rebonding permanent hair straightening process with mediocre results. However, in the right hands it has amazing results. Hair Outaquin only offer the full process option without any shortcuts and our highly experienced and trained permanent hair straightening specialists ensure maximum results for you! Please note straightening appointments are only taken once we have physically seen your hair.

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Olaplex has really changed the hairdressing world. The worlds first and only true bond multiplier. Whenever you receive a process on your hair there is generally some sort of wear occurring, whether it be by chemical reaction, heat or even environmental and health reasons. Olaplex can reverse and stop the damage. Olaplex simply causes your hairs bonds to replicate and this can be as a stand alone service or occur during your colour service. Leaving your hair feeling like new every time.

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Hair Outaquin are hair colouring specialists. We utilise a variety of hair colouring products to ensure your results in a safe and reliable service.

The hair colouring team at Hair Outaquin maintain a strict ongoing training regime to ensure all stylists are up to date and proficient with the latest styles and techniques in both hair colouring and cutting. We are able to assess corrective work and offer solutions but will always make your hairs integrity a priority.

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Xtenso is for the client that does not want the frizz and "boof" but does not want dead straight hair either. Xtenso is an exciting product from L’Oreal Professional. This technology allows the smoothing of the hair, therefore reducing the coarseness and frizz but leaving the body. Unfortunately, Xtenso cannot be used on lightened areas of hair. Although you can refer to Keratin smoothing for this.

Xtenso in Australia is not a rebonding product as described in overseas salons. The rebonding Xtenso is not available in Australia, although Hair Outaquin still offer rebonding as well.

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