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Permanent Hair Straightening Perth

Thermal rebonding is the most popular permanent hair straightening technique on the market today for the straightest results, rapidly increasing in popularity with our clients. After researching the many available techniques for permanent hair straightening we have settled on thermal bonding, the latest technology, guaranteed (subject to original hair condition) to provide each client with healthy, long lasting, straight hair.

It can even be safely used on coloured hair, making it a very popular technique.

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Hair Straightening PerthHair-Straightening-Perth

The Best Hair Straightening in Perth

There are many inexperienced salons practicing thermal bonding hair straightening in Perth, many using "shortcut" versions of the process with mediocre results. However in the right hands it produces amazing results.

Hair Outaquin only offer the full hair straightening process option without any shortcuts and our highly experienced and trained specialists ensure maximum results for you.

To answer the question we get asked first How Much? Thermal rebonding starts from $795 depending on desired package . Other straightening/relaxing services range from $425-$600 All straightening/relaxing services are only booked once we have seen the hair. Natural relaxing can be done via email. Permanent straightening in person.

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